Non Conductive and Non Electromagnetic

mateenbarTM is not only a corrosion resistant rebar a non electromagnetic, non conductive rebar that is used in projects that require a non-metallic reinforcement.


  • Aluminium and copper smelting plants
  • Power and substations
  • Sensitive electronic laboratories and calibration areas
  • Military applications
  • Electrical isolation breaks

Often, in areas of high electrical fields, significant power is lost due to induction to the surrounding steel reinforcement. This creates a number of problems including:

  • Extensive earthing systems required for electrical safety
  • Greater concrete coverage requirements for electrical insulation
  • Accelerated corrosion of re-bars due to high levels of electrolysis
  • Increased installation costs and time welding every joint

In addition, a two-fold energy wastage problem is created:

  • Induction losses create eddy currents which heat the reinforcement
  • Increased cooling is required to remove the unwanted heat
  • Non-magnetic benefits prove useful around highly sensitive electronic areas such as research & calibration laboratories, and near MRI equipment in hospitals

mateenbarTM is non-conductive, therefore stray electrical currents cannot cause induction problems

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