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The mateenTM product range was developed by Pultron Composites, an experienced pultrusion technologist.

Our products are backed up by international approvals, comprehensive test data, academic research and quality reference projects across almost every application including bridges, roads, tunnels, marine, mining and other civil applications.

Pultron has had a singular focus on pioneering smart alternatives for structural materials via pultrusion manufacturing technologies for over 35 years, and has developed a track record of rapid innovation and R&D achievement.

In this regard, Pultron has successfully developed more than 45 new specialist GFRP structural products for marine, mining, infrastructure, electrical, agriculture and recreation applications; with over 20  patents, design registrations and trademarks developed – including a successful technology transfer for GFRP rebar and bend manufacturing technologies to a purpose built ISO certified facility in Dubai, UAE.

It was over 25 years ago that our first GFRP composite reinforcement project was completed, and we have played a pioneering and credible role in driving the adoption of GFRP rebar into concrete – including educating structural engineers and engineering consultants, developing standards and guidelines for government regulatory authorities, whilst acting as a good ambassador to the composite industry.

Currently, we are undertaking projects in global markets including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand – as well as exporting products to over 30 countries.

We attribute our success to an innovative mindset and culture, offering the best price-performance GFRP reinforcement in the market, paying strict attention to conformance quality and being sensitive to logistics and delivery reliability.

The Pultron corporate culture is founded on three key characteristics – innovation, trust and teamwork. Our corporate mission is to pioneer smart alternatives to structural materials and we continue to drive the adoption of GFRP composite reinforcement technology.

Jasper Holdsworth
Managing Director

mateenTM the ultimate reinforcement for concrete in challenging applications

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