The lightweight nature of mateendowelTM is safer and reduces cost, a dowel basket with mateendowelTM is around 25kg, compared with 70kg for a steel or epoxy dowel alternative.


mateendowelTM is a GFRP dowel used in projects to solve the issue of corrosion. Dowels are used extensively in concrete jointed roads and underpasses in extreme conditions subjected to de-icing salts and salty soils.

mateendowelTM is lightweight in nature, allowing it to be safer compared to steel dowels. mateendowelTM is also used extensively in Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls, where the extreme durability of the fibreglass composite ensures no future problems due to dowel corrosion.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Longer life  then steel and epoxy coated steel dowel bars
  • Light weight, fast installation
  • Significant savings of over 60% compared to stainless steel dowels

mateendowelTM  – smooth dowel for concrete joints and toggle bars


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mateendowelTM is suitable for new installations and dowel bar retrofit, and can be supplied with a surface veil depending on customer requirements.

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