mateenboltTM GFRP rockbolts and soil anchors have precision machined threads and use composite plastic nuts and washer plates to increase head strength and maximize holding power of each bolt.

mateenboltTM is produced in the following two durability grades:

  • Temporary – Low-cost fibreglass rock bolts that can be cut for temporary ground support and are generally used in metro and other tunnelling projects where a tunnel boring machine drills through the reinforcement; and
  • Permanent – Used for long-term bolting or soil nailing in corrosive (alkali or acidic) environments, replacing galvanized, epoxy coated, stainless or double corrosion protected bolts.


  • High tensile strength – more than twice that of steel
  • High shear strength
  • Cuttable bolts for temporary ground support
  • NATM/SEM/Lunardi tunnelling method ground support
  • Bolting or Soil-nailing in corrosive (alkali or acidic) environments as a successor for galvanised, epoxy, stainless or double corrosion protected bolts
  • Hollow bolt option available
  • Light Weight – 1/3 of steel products

mateenboltTM – threaded rock-bolt for soil-nails and mining


  • Temporary/permanent reinforcement
  • Face stabilisation
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Ground support
  • Systematic rock bolting
  • Concrete form tie


Please contact our team for the latest product specifications.

Custom rockbolts to meet specific needs of the client can be discussed – we have developed over 20 different rockbolt types to suit market needs.

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