mateenbarTM composite reinforcement, is a substitute for steel reinforcement used in bridge, tunnel, road, electromagnetic, marine and other civil/infrastructure structures where corrosion of rebar is a concern. mateenbarTM offers lower cost of life alternatives to a steel reinforced concrete structure.


  • Corrosion free reinforcement – perfect for highly corrosive environments
  • High tensile strength – two times greater than steel
  • Cuttable reinforcement – TBM tunnel development and soft-eyes
  • Non-conductive reinforcement –  smelter & power station developments
  • Low thermal conductivity reinforcement–  reduced energy costs in pre-cast sandwich walls
  • Non-magnetic reinforcement – hospital & laboratory applications
  • Risk free alternative to epoxy coated steel, galvanised rebar and stainless steel (no accelerated corrosion or anodal corrosion due to scratches during on-site handling)
  • Light weight reinforcement – ¼ the weight of steel – less labour, less freight, faster & safer on-site handling
  • Energy efficient – low carbon footprint
  • LEED Gold certified (production facility)

mateenbarTM– ribbed reinforcement bar for concrete structures


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mateenbarTM is also produced in bent shapes and stirrups leveraging proprietary, industry-first hybrid pultrusion technology in order to achieve custom shapes as needed within concrete reinforced structures. Shapes available include right angles, angles, stirrups, links and bespoke shapes that are made-to-order.

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