Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) approves mateenbar™

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Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) who lead the way in the United States in the use of fiberglass rebar in their infrastructure has approved mateenbar™. FDOT are pursuing fiberglass rebar for concrete structures in marine environments. FDOT approval has involved  over 2,500 comprehensive mechanical and thermo-mechanical tests conducted at independent laboratories and universities throughout Canada, USA, GCC, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. mateenbar™ has been used for over 25 years with reference projects across almost every application including bridges, roads, tunnels, marine, mining and other civil structural applications. Pultron would like to thank the New Zealand government and all of our university partners and engineering specialists who have supported Pultron over the last decade, their expertise and applied technical thinking has enabled the company reach this milestone.

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