The information in this and other Pultron sales and technical literature (hereinafter “Information”) can only speak as of its date of publication.

As part of its ongoing R & D programme, Pultron is continuously introducing improvements and modifications to its products. Therefore, the specifications mentioned in the Information are subject to change, without notice. Before placing an order, check with our sales team for the latest specifications.

The Information is given in good faith and is believed to be true and correct at the time of publication. Pultron exercised all due care to provide accurate, complete and timely Information. However, Pultron accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in the Information.

Pultron has made every effort to explain the benefits of its products as clearly and completely as possible. Nonetheless, Pultron’s products are intended for many different installation and service environments and a customer’s purchasing decision will be influenced by factors unique to its specific application and environment. Therefore, it is not possible for the Information to address every conceivable issue that may affect a customer’s purchasing decision. The Information is intended to provide general guidance only. For specific guidance or support, contact Pultron.

Proper selection of a specific Pultron product for a specific application and operating environment, and its compatibility with other products, is the customer’s responsibility. The customer must assume the ultimate responsibility for the proper sizing, selection, compatibility, installation and suitability of Pultron products. All operating parameters should be validated for the customer’s application and environment by a professional engineer, qualified installer or by another technical expert.

Any opinions, recommendations or suggestions given do not constitute a warranty, representation or guarantee. In particular, they do not constitute a warranty, representation or guarantee of any particular benefits that the customer will derive from Pultron products. They do not constitute a warranty, representation or guarantee concerning a product’s suitability or fitness for a customer’s specific purpose. They are not intended to alter the terms of Pultron’s standard warranty and terms of trade. No employee, representative, dealer, agent, distributor or service company acting for Pultron has the authority to extend or modify the terms of Pultron’s warranty unless Pultron expressly agrees, in writing, to such extension or modification. For the current version of Pultron’s warranty, refer to Pultron’s website or contact its authorised representative.

For each user, operating conditions will vary, sometimes greatly. Such variations may affect the performance of Pultron’s products. Pultron has no control over a customer’s unique operating environment. The actual performance that a customer obtains may vary depending upon its unique conditions. Hence, Pultron makes no representations or warranties concerning the performance of its products under a customer’s actual operating conditions.

In the final analysis, it is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of Pultron’s products for the customer’s purposes. The customer must make its own independent judgment and assessment of these issues. The customer may not rely upon any opinions, interpretations, statements, assurances or representations contained in the Information.

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