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FRP Pultrusions

Established in 1983, Pultron Composites Ltd is a privately owned industrial technology company that specializes in the development and manufacture of critical part and customised fiber reinforced polymer (‘FRP’) pultrusions.

Pultrusions – a continuous manufacturing process used to cost-effectively produce FRP structural shapes – represent a fast-growing subset of the broader composites industry.

Pultruded profiles are valued for their unique performance properties, including: high strength-to-weight ratio; light weight; corrosion-resistance; low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance; electromagnetic transparency; energy storage capacity; sustained mechanical properties at low temperatures; and dimensional stability.

As a result of these advantages and corresponding economic / system performance benefits, pultrusions are displacing traditional materials in numerous applications.

Pultron is well-regarded for new product innovations, production technology advances and technical expertise, with over 34 years of composites research and development and numerous industry firsts.

The Company has developed 45 new major applications for composites across a broad range of industries, including recreation, agriculture, mining, construction, marine, electrical and industrial markets. Pultron specializes in the design and post-processing of pultrusions, leveraging in-house engineering, design and polymer research capabilities to produce bespoke FRP composite products tailored to be integrated into the customer’s solution/end product.

The Company’s focus on innovation, customer service and international competitiveness has allowed it to cultivate a diverse and loyal customer base and currently offers over 60 products to more than 100 customers in 20 countries across 10 end-markets.

Our Purpose is to Pioneer Smart Alternatives for Structural Materials, and Pultron’s corporate culture is founded on three key characteristics – innovation, trust and One Team.

Research and Development


ur technical team assists our customers at every stage throughout the life-cycle of new product development, from design to manufacturing, and from development of testing techniques to advice with IP strategies.

Investment in research and development has been a key business strategy.

Pultron has always been heavily committed to research and product development, discovering new solutions to problems and continually improving procedures.  A team of scientists and engineers is dedicated to fundamental and advanced research.  We pride ourselves on continually pushing the performance envelope of FRP pultrusions.

This R&D focused business strategy led to the establishment of our in-house research laboratory, Composite Materials Research (CMR).

With support from our CMR laboratory, we have the knowledge and expertise to create the best possible composite parts for customers from a wide range of industries.

Composite Materials Research (CMR)

The CMR team is dedicated to improving the performance of composite products.

The CMR laboratory is furnished with state of the art instruments for the analysis of raw materials and finished products. The resource includes:

  • Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzers (DMTA)
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for tensile, flexural, compression and shear tests.
  • Short Beam Shear Tester
  • Creep Tester
  • Fatigue Tester
  • Long term durability testing

CMR’s core business is resin technology. We have partnered with international resin manufacturers to develop resin systems which offer excellent creep and fatigue resistance, high inter-laminar shear strength and high glass transition temperature to meet the requirements of our bespoke OEM products for technically demanding applications.

CMR also performs testing for external clients including Team New Zealand, Luna Rosa and other America’s Cup syndicates from previous Louis Vuitton and America’s Cup campaigns.

Whilst the laboratory is dedicated to research and development, it also serves a critical quality control function – batch testing incoming raw materials before they are approved for production, and ensuring pultrusion processing settings are optimized to achieve maximum product performance. CMR is also responsible for post-production testing and certification of all critical products before they are sent to our customers.

Engineering & Design

Our engineering capabilities form a critical part of our research and development expertise, allowing us to tackle projects where a multi-discipline approach is required. Our team works closely with customers, combining our composites knowledge with their application expertise on joint development projects.  This collaborative approach ensures that what we make will be perfectly matched to the customer requirements.

Our team not only works on the product, but also on designing and building the specialised equipment to manufacture and test it.

The value proposition we offer is the best price-performance ratio GFRP composite reinforcement from a trusted, experienced manufacturer.

Pultron offers design expertise, sales team responsiveness and local support. We deal in all international currencies and manage forecasting and logistics requirements to supply a complete solution. A leading pultrusion technologist with international manufacturing sites, we are a proven and dependable supplier of consistent, high quality GFRP composite reinforcement at internationally competitive prices.

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